We proudly present the digital newspaper Noticias de Rhode Island News online since March 26, 2018.
Noticias de Rhode Island News is a non-profit organization whose mission is to inform, educate, and guide the Spanish speaking population of Rhode Island with the news that affect their everyday lives, in the places where they live. Many of us come from other countries and like to be informed of what happens there and solely there, ignoring the events and issues in our communities, because of language barriers.

Noticias de Rhode Island News aims to shift that tendency and to redirect our attention to the issues that affect us here, in our own state and in this country. We believe that through information we acquire knowledge, and that is the first step towards empowerment. Noticias de Rhode Island News is designed to fill in the void of news in Spanish, covering all aspects of information up to date. We have the experience to produce news stories that are current and instant, when they are in the moment and not days after when they are no longer news, but history.

We are committed to providing our readers with the most accurate and updated information in government, education, finances, health, politics, and both domestic and international news, as well as delivering segments such as Weekly General Assembly News, International News, Immigration, National News, Entertainment, and Sports. As a team of professional reporters, we are led by our founder Elizabeth Gordon, who has covered news in the State of Rhode Island for 20 years.

For more information, please contact me at noticiasderhodeislandnews@gmail.com or by phone at 401-369-1196. Visit our website noticiasderhodeisland.org

Elizabeth Gordon
Founder and CEO
Noticias de Rhode Island News
98 Stanton St.
Providence RI 02909